TCC-HR provides practical, hands-on training for managers and supervisors. Each session is designed in a convenient, half-day format; they can also be scheduled as a series of two-hour sessions, ideal for busy schedules and maximum value for your training resources. These programs have been successfully attended by all levels of supervision including Department Heads, Managers, Supervisors and Lead Personnel.

Supervisory Skills Series


This is a flexible session, consisting of introductory discussions on the Role of the Supervisor, Legal Issues facing managers, and basic Communications skills.

Hiring Employees

With emphasis on interviewing and selection skills, this session also examines the complete recruitment process, and its organizational implications.

Performance Management

This session focuses on coaching skills, and preparing and conducting performance appraisals.

Counseling Employees

This session presents techniques aimed at the goal of employee retention, if possible, and if not, building a defensible, documented performance record.

Resolving Conflict

This session examines how to best deal with inevitable conflicts that occur among employees in the workplace.

**Supervisory Skills sessions can be presented individually, but are designed to be most effective if presented in a sequential fashion, as each session builds on skills learned in prior sessions.

Harassment Prevention

All training materials are designed to be customized to address specific company needs and circumstances, including use of company-specific forms, policies and procedures. The materials become a desk reference manual for supervisors, to be used again and again as the need arises.

TCC-HR┬átakes pride in not delivering “off the shelf” programs, but on providing individualized training, specifically addressing the client’s needs. All programs feature a variety of instructional tools, including lecture, videos, self-tests, role plays and exercises. Participants are encouraged to bring actual examples of workplace situations to the programs and to use these as session for applying techniques learned.